About Us

How of Happy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to:

Our Vision

Create a fulfilling human journey for all!

Our Mission

Teach people self awareness in order to connect to themselves, connect to others and create their ideal life.

We Believe That:

There's a gap in educational systems

We are taught how our physical body works, and ways to keep it healthy, but the same attention is not given to our emotional wellbeing.  This educational gap can leave us with anxiety, stressful relationships, loneliness, dissatisfaction, depression and anger.  We believe in filling that gap so people are more empowered to live a satisfying and fulfilling life.

The Brain Matters

Our brain is wired for survival, and it’s great at it, thank goodness!  We believe that understanding the science of how the brain works gives us access to respond to life intentionally, instead of reacting from our hardwired survival instincts.  (We also believe that this is the juicy stuff!)

We can Thrive

Although it’s important to know what humans need to survive, we believe that all humans have certain needs to thrive! Let us help you get out of your own way, build awareness, and find empowerment, so you can thrive! 

Everyone Can be a Changemaker

We believe that your existence in the universe makes an impact on its own, and awareness is power.  Once you understand yourself, and how you influence the world around you, the possibilities for change are limitless. 

Our Course Leaders

Tisse Mallon

Founder and Teacher

  Tisse Mallon is a quirky queer with a wild passion for understanding what makes humans tick. Tisse is the Founder/Director of the Elar Institute, a school focused on the science of connection and the primary instructor of their flagship program, the How of Happy. For the past 16 years, Tisse has been producing events and teaching classes centered on emotional intelligence, applied neuroscience, and mindfulness. Tisse proudly promotes the ideology of Global Citizenship which involves a broader perspective of human rights, sustainability, and commonality. They believe emotional intelligence is at the core of peaceful humanity; realizing we are all connected – part of an organism that either thrives or suffers as a whole. Tisse has presented at TEDx Orlando, TEDx Poynter Institute, Pecha Kucha Orlando, Orlando Story Club, and AIGA’s Wellness By Design event among others.

Amy Whicker

Student Experience Facilitator


   Amy enjoys designing fun learning environments that promote connection, openness, and growth. She is passionate about sharing tools for self-compassion, connective communication, and personal empowerment that help students live authentic lives. In her free time, she loves painting with alcohol ink, hosting potlucks, and attending Ecstatic Dances. Even though she is a Floridian, you’ll often find her getting cozy by wearing fuzzy socks and sipping tea.

how of happy program

Drop self doubt at the door and live a truly authentic life of your choice today!

The Basics

$ 5 Forever
  • Access to Our Supportive Online Community.
  • 8 Pre-Recorded Lessons to Get You Started on Your Journey.

The Program

$ 99 a month
  • Everything "The Basics" Includes
  • PLUS
  • Join The LIVE 1.5 Hr Virtual Course Each Week Hosted By Our Founder, Tisse Mallon, And Other Amazing Teachers!
  • Thurs 10am – 11:30am US EST & Sat 11:30am – 1pm US EST

All options also include access to our online community where you can connect with like-minded people. 

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