The Program

Through our series of live virtual courses, online community and coaching, you will learn our research-based How of Happy methods so you can live your most fulfilling life.

Live Virtual Courses


Online Community

Each week includes a 1.5 hr live virtual class where you will learn our research-based methods so you can start living your most fulfilling life.




              1. feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

We want to be the first to say that Happy isn’t one-size-fits-all, nor is it realistic or desirable to be “happy” all the time. But, feeling pleasure or contentment…who wouldn’t want more of that!?

Our science-based program teaches people about feelings & needs, compassion, blame & judgment, effective communication skills, guilt & shame, boundaries, and so much more! The Program is specifically designed to not only educate, but help people create a fulfilling life.

We'll help you find your own version of

How To Be Happy

The Program

$ 79 a month
  • Get Access To A New RECORDED Course Released Each Week.
  • Receive Activities To Practice Applying What You Learn To Your Life.

The Program

$ 99 a month
  • Everything "The Program Lite" Includes
  • PLUS
  • Join The LIVE 1.5 Hr Virtual Course Each Week Hosted By Our Founder, Tisse Mallon, And Other Amazing Teachers!
  • Get Access To The "Ask A Coach" Forum Where You'll Receive Additional Assistance With Your Specific Life Questions!

The Program
+ Extra Coaching

$ 325 a month
  • Everything "The Program" Has To Offer
  • PLUS
  • An Extra 1 hr Group Coaching Session Each Week With Our Founder Tisse Mallon