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Through our series of live virtual courses, online community and coaching, you will learn our research-based How of Happy methods so you can live your most fulfilling life.

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Online Community

Each week includes a 1-hour live virtual class where you will learn our research-based methods so you can start living your most fulfilling life. Our science-based program teaches people about feelings & needs, compassion, blame & judgment, effective communication skills, guilt & shame, boundaries, and so much more!

We are currently offering classes on Thursdays from 10am–11:30am EST & Saturdays from 11:30 – 1pm EST.  

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   1. feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

What if happiness isn’t a fleeting feeling, but rather a rich, multifaceted experience of life?

⚖️ Sometimes happiness is ease, and sometimes it’s challenge.

⚖️ Sometimes it’s comfort, and other times it’s finding aliveness in the discomfort. 

⚖️ Happiness can be quiet and peaceful, or loud and exciting.

⚖️ There is no “one right way” to do it, but it can still be hard to find your own version of happy.

We’re here to support you in your journey of self-empowerment, to define happiness for yourself and build the skills to create it. 

how of happy program

Get out of your way and live a truly authentic life of your choice today!

The Basics

$ 5 Forever
  • Access to Our Supportive Online Community.
  • 8 Pre-Recorded Lessons to Get You Started on Your Journey.

The Program

$ 99 a month
  • Everything "The Basics" Includes
  • PLUS
  • Join The LIVE 1.5 Hr Virtual Course Each Week Hosted By Our Founder, Tisse Mallon, And Other Amazing Teachers!
  • Thurs 10am – 11:30am US EST & Sat 11:30am – 1pm US EST

All options also include access to our online community where you can connect with like-minded people. 

We teach you how to cultivate a sense of deep fulfillment and satisfaction through the ebbs and flows of life, by exploring what happiness means to you.

Topics We will cover:

You Have 351 Missed Calls From: Your Feelings. Courageously Answering the Calls

Don’t. Tell. Me. What. To. Do: How Demands Impact Connection

But I’m Doing All The Things: Bringing Clarity and Choice to Our Actions

Driving With The Low Fuel Light On: The Nuances of Refueling Your Needs

I Actually Didn’t Want Advice, Thanks: How to Actually Be Supportive

Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Finding out your subconscious is running the show

Welcoming All Parts of Yourself to The Party: Yes, even you, Shame

Needs are Life: Sprouts Aren’t Too Needy and Neither Are You

The Deliciousness of Being Right: The Origins of Blame and an Alternative