Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

There are many ways to define happiness and something we value is supporting students in getting curious about what happiness means for them. At How of Happy, we view happiness as a term that represents a deep satisfaction with life in general. We believe this satisfaction includes experiencing a wide range of feelings and that what’s most present is a sense of purpose and being at choice in the life one is living.

While many aspects of our program are therapeutic in nature, it is not therapy. We focus on empowering our students to connect to their own internal wisdom rather than receiving advice from an external source.

Yes! We will design a custom experience for your company upon request. Visit our page about employee benefits for more information and to schedule a complimentary discovery call.

  • Connecting to feelings to identify them, feel them, and understand them
      • Deepening our self-connection
      • The gifts of emotions as portals to our inner wisdom
      • How to deconstruct the myth of Self-Sacrifice
  • Building self-compassion and self-acceptance to enable self-empowerment
      • How to truly give ourselves permission to create our lives
      • Dealing with guilt & shame
      • Self-empathy and caring for your inner child
      • How to allow every experience we’ve had to become a source of clarity for what we care about and who we are
      • Noticing when we’re playing The Guilt Game, and how to connect to understanding and compassion
      • How to find your balance instead of overextending yourself
  • Understanding the way our brains make sense of life and our experiences
      • How memories are stored
      • The mega misconceptions of “I am not enough,” “I don’t matter,” and “I don’t belong”
      • Questioning the automatic meaning our brains interpret and how that impacts our belief systems and experience of life
      • Harnessing neuroplasticity, the brain’s capacity to change and adapt
  • Effective communication
      • Creating win-wins instead of people-pleasing or competing
      • Developing deep listening skillz
      • Setting compassionate boundaries
      • Connective communication during conflict
      • Making effective requests
      • Understanding the counterproductive impacts of blame and judgment
      • How to feel more understood
      • Tools for helping others feel more understood
      • Letting go of force to discover the power of influence
      • Centering on “the Need Behind the No” instead of feeling rejected when hearing no or feeling like you’re rejecting someone when saying no
  • And much more!


Questions about The Program Lite

You will have access to the recordings for as long as you as you have an active subscription to the Program Lite. Recordings will not be available for download.

By enrolling in The Program Lite, you will recieve one new class recording each week, activities and journal prompts to help integrate what you are learning into your every-day life, and access to our online community. The class recordings are taken from The Program, so not only will you be receiving the same content as The Program, you will also get the benefit of watching students interact with the curriculum.

Questions about The Program

The Program is ongoing and ever-evolving.  We encourage to participate as long as it’s enhancing your life. 

Yes! Classes are ongoing and we welcome new faces each week.  Join our program online and pick which class day/time works best for you to start this week!

While passive consumption of self-improvement content has its place, we feel that the lack of interactivity ultimately makes those programs less effective. Our live classrooms are your playbox. We invite you to dive in, ready to get messy. We have tons of content and concepts to share with you, but what really takes it to the next level is that we use multiple teaching tools. 

You can expect discussions, journaling exercises, breakout room activities, on-screen group activities, visualizations, and more. In addition, your questions, such as “Yeah, but…” “What about…?” and “What if…?” are always welcome. 

We are request that you are present, engaged, and without distractions during class because we believe you’ll get the most out of it that way. This will also contribute to the quality of connection of the entire group.

After every class, we provide an optional activity for you to try out on your own. These exercises offer opportunities for deeper integration and application out in the wild. We like to think of it more as homeplay than homework 🙂 And it’s completely optional.

Some people really enjoy meeting with another member to discuss the class topic each week. We will provide a space for you to pair up with others who also want this extra processing time and closer sense of community. We’ll also provide guidance on what to do when you meet with your buddy!

No, we really recommend you use a laptop or desktop computer for this course. Since our classes are held online via Zoom, we want you to have as large of a screen as possible so you can see your classmates, the instructor, the slides, and the additional resources that are shared. Also, sometimes we’ll be using other tools to interact during class that are accessible only from a computer.

All classes will be held over Zoom. Here’s the link to download Zoom if you don’t have it: The one you’ll want is “Zoom Client for Meetings”

You can cancel at any time by emailing us at [email protected]. We strive to make cancellation easy and straightforward, and we’ll handle it within 2 business days.

If you need to pause your membership, we offer a 4-week pause option by emailing us at [email protected]

We value providing the space for everyone to speak freely in the How of Happy program. One of the ways we foster that sense of safety is for each member to have privacy when they log in to the classroom. We also value the sense of connection and community that develops in class, so we ask each member to stay as present and engaged as possible. Having kids, partners, friends, or others sit in on classes with you is not within our guidelines for safety, confidentiality, presence, and engagement in class.

Not at all. Everything you need for the program will be provided.

Tisse Mallon has been a Holistic Lifestyle Teacher & Healer since 2009. They are the founder and director of the Elar Institute, the nonprofit that created the How of Happy Program. They are dedicated to helping people fall in love with themselves and have called it their life’s passion to cultivate more compassion, curiosity, and play in the world. All other How of Happy instructors and facilitators have studied under the direction of Tisse Mallon.

Questions about Extra Coaching

In The Program with Extra Coaching, you will meet twice per week and get access to The Program classes, which are large-group classes, and the Extra Coaching sessions, which have no more than 10 participants.

We currently have a waiting list for this service. To add your name to our waiting list, please email [email protected]